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Best ESL Books
For Intermediate Students

Teaching beginner students is probably the most challenging. So it's great when a student advances to the intermediate level. You can actually start having a decent conversation! Below are books I recommend for this level for comprehensiveness and ease of use.

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Best English Teaching Books Beginner

Best English Teaching Books Intermediate

Best English Teaching Books Advanced

Best TOEFL Books

Grammar in Use Interm., book - for ESL teachersGrammar in Use Intermediate with Answers by Raymond Murphy

A highly successful grammar text known for its clear explanations and innovative format. Each unit is a two-page spread that teaches a specific grammar point on the left-hand page and provides practice exercises on the right.

Can be used as a classroom text or for self-study. Includes an Audio CD and the Study Guide which helps students figure out which units they need to study.

Grammar in Use Intermediate is suitable for students who are preparing for the TOEFL test and other standard examinations.

This book also receives ***** 5 stars for ESL books by all reviewers on Amazon.

English Grammar in Use Interm., book - for ESL teachersEnglish Grammar in Use With Answers: Reference and Practice for Intermediate Students by Raymond Murphy

A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate and more advanced learners of English. Covering all areas of language which students at this level find difficult, this substantially revised and updated book retains the clarity, simplicity and accessibility of the first edition.

Designed for self-study and can be easily used by the classroom teacher.


Vocabulary in Use, book - for ESL teachersVocabulary in Use: Intermediate (With Answers) by Stuart Redman

Appropriate for classroom use and for self-study reference and practice. One hundred lessons cover approximately 3,000 new vocabulary items. Firmly based on current vocabulary acquisition theory.

Promotes good learning habits and teaches students how to discover rules for using vocabulary correctly.

Vocabulary in Use Upper Int, book, - ESL teachersVocabulary in Use: Upper Intermediate : Self-study Reference and Practice for Students of North American English (With Answers)
by Michael McCarthy

This unique vocabulary text helps high-intermediate to advanced learners consolidate and expand their knowledge of English vocabulary. This is appropriate for classroom use and for self-study reference and practice.

An easy-to-use format presents an area of vocabulary on the left-hand page and provides innovative practice activities on the right-hand page.

The 100 units cover approximately 3,000 new vocabulary items. A complete index is included with phonetic transcriptions.

Business Vocabulary in Use, book - for ESL teachersBusiness Vocabulary in Use by Bill Mascull

Business Vocabulary in Use, is aimed specifically at intermediate level learners of business English. Designed as a self-study reference and practice book, it can also be used for classroom work.

The book covers topics including Jobs, People and Organisations, Production, Marketing, Finance and the Economy and Business Culture. Learners will develop essential business communication skills, focussing on the language used for Meetings, Negotiations and Presentations.

Presents and explains new words in context and shows learners how to use them.

Idiomatic expressions give English its color and vitality. They are indispensable to daily speech, newspapers and books, television and movies. It is just as important to teach idioms and slang as it is to teach grammar.

Idiomatic expressions and more formal grammar should be given equal time. The following two ESL books are the best I've found so far.

Idiomatic American English, book- for ESL teachersIdiomatic American English: A Step-By-Step Workbook for Learning Everyday American Expressions by Barbara K. Gaines

The lessons in this book are designed to teach the student the kind of informal, everyday speech commonly understood by all Americans, regardless of education.

This is one of the better ESL books for teaching idioms. It is one lesson per page with a brief dialogue. Examples and exercises are based around one theme.

However, almost all of the dialogues have a kind of negative flavor. Despite that I use this book a lot because of its excellent and convenient layout.

Idioms for Everyday Use, book - for ESL teachersIdioms for Everyday Use by Milada Broukal

This is an excellent book for teaching idioms. Each lesson uses idioms around a certain theme. For example, idioms using color such as "out of the blue" or "green with envy" are incorporated in a little story. This is followed by several pages of exercises and discussion.

I highly recommend this book. I used this exclusively when I taught one-on-one business English to executives from Daimler-Chrysler. It's fun, easy to follow and well-organized.

Ultimate Phrasal Verb, book - for ESL teachersThe Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book by Carl W. Hart

This book presents 400 common phrasal verbs and the ways in which they are used in everyday American English. Phrasal verbs are word groups that include a verb combined with a preposition or an adverb.

They are used not only as verbs but as nouns, such as comedown, breakup, or showoff. They might also be used as adjectives, such as spaced-out, burned-out, broken-down, and many others.

This volume places phrasal verbs within the context of sentences, and presents hundreds of examples and exercises.

1100 Words You Need to Know (1100 Words You Need to Know, 4th Ed) by Murray Bromberg
A Barron's bestseller for years, this edition includes a new section called Panorama of Words. In this feature, each of the 1100 words appears in a sentence selected from among well known novels, plays, poems, and even newspaper editorials and TV broadcasts.

The book is a vocabulary builder aimed directly at college-bound high school students, as well as college students who need extra vocabulary help.

Students will find word lists with definitions, analogy exercises, entertaining word games, and fascinating words-in-context exercises. This book is challenging for the student and the teacher will definitely find it edifying as well.

Best English Teaching Books Beginner

Best English Teaching Books Intermediate

Best English Teaching Books Advanced

Best TOEFL Books