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English Teaching Interviews

Here are some great English teaching interviews from ESL teachers. If you are already an ESL teacher you'll find the thoughts and insights helpful.

If you are thinking of becoming an English teacher you'll want to read how others got started and how they feel about teaching ESL.

I think you will find these definitely inspiring especially if your are on the fence about taking this on as a career or maybe a second source of income.

Are you an ESL teacher?
Would you like to see yours as one of the English teaching interviews included on site? Then fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we'll send you the questions. Answer them (you can be as detailed as you'd like) and email your responses to us.

This is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Thanks.

English Teaching Interviews

Jason Sparapani -- This ESL teacher veteran has taught ESL in Korea, Nepal and pre-Katrina New Orleans. He offers some valuable insights especially in the realm of ESL lesson plans and staying flexible in the ESL classroom

Cathie Eustis -- A 5 year ESL teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. A moving and inspiring story of a dedicated teacher.

Richard Bienvenu -- How I got started teaching ESL overseas.

Challie Chachere -- A well-traveled ESL teacher who got her start teaching abroad in Italy.

Marco Melancon -- This 10 year veteran ESL teacher taught in the Czech Republic and now owns an ESL school in Japan.

Richard Bienvenu -- A student interview from RMIT University in Melbourne as part of a project in a course about Understanding Diversity; having to do with "need to gain an understanding of teachers experiences of working with students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds."