"One of the most rewarding experiences for anyone who wants to live and work overseas is teaching English as a Second Language."

Richard Bienvenu with ESL student.
Richard Bienvenu (right) with ESL student.

And teaching English, if you are a native speaker, is at the top of the list for ease of acquring an opportunity to work overseas. And there are so many exotic and exciting places to do it.

So if you are thinking about teaching overseas, or you are one of the lucky ones who've already landed a position in some far-flung corner of the world...


I've written a manual for you. It's 23 survival tips for teaching abroad.

Now it's not everything you need to know about teaching overseas, that would take too long a book then what I'm offering here.

But it's what I would consider 23 of the top most important tips for doing your best in your host country and at your new school.

Even if you are already teaching overseas this book will come in handy, because it's full of timeless and timely information that will help you be a more successful teacher.

I have been an ESL teacher in New Orleans for the past 5 years. Though I have no immediate plans to teach abroad, I read Richard Bienvenu's "Teach Abroad Survival - 23 Hot Tips for Teaching Success" and I recommend it highly.

Not only is it a clear, easy-to-read guide with great ideas for making teaching abroad easier, it is an excellent guide for all ESL teachers.

It is a common-sense approach with excellent hints and suggestions for making teaching fun by being a better prepared teacher!

If you are an ESL teacher or are thinking about becoming one, read this book!

Cathie Eustis
ESL Teacher
New Orleans, LA

Richard Bienvenu has written an intelligent guide for teaching abroad. It is brisk, readable, informative, useful, with enough sage hard-won advice to lift it above the For Dummies series.

There are a variety of bulleted checklists, emergency keys and weblinks for quick reference.

If you are considering the wonderful field of teaching English as a Second Language, this is a definite book to include in your rucksack.

Dan Harris,
ESL Teacher
Refugee Case Manager, New Orleans, LA

This is a wonderful book that is full of insights and advice on becoming a better ESL teacher and more balanced person. I would highly recommend this book to any ESL teacher,  whether he/she is teaching in the states or planning to teach abroad.

Challie Chachere
ESL Teacher

I’ve been teaching English abroad for ten years now and have seen a lot of tips, reports and books on the subject. Richard’s ebook is one of the best and is a must have for anyone getting ready to teach overseas and for people like me that have been doing it a while.

This ebook by is a must have for anyone considering Teaching English Abroad or for anyone currently doing it.

Richard is an extremely successful ESL teacher and published author who has paid his dues teaching English overseas and truly knows his "Stuff!"

Craig Desorcy

I've taken what I think are some of the most important points from my time teaching abroad and've put them in an easy to read, informative and fun manual.

I've also included some valuable resources that will help you get on your feet and give you a head start before you even get to your new teaching position.

Also, this manual can show you how to overcome some of the fear and trepidation that most people experience when living in a new country and working at a new job.

I'm not gonna say there won't be rough spots in your new position because that would be unrealistic. But the information in this manual will help you navigate with a lot more confidence and with a lot more tools at your command so you can navigate them successfully.

Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Putting together a winning lesson plan

  • How to be an extraordinary teacher

  • Valuable ideas and insights into maintaining control and discipline in the classroom

  • Tips and techniqes of how to stay healthy in your host country

  • How to be flexible and open-minded

  • Insights on creativity and being sponantaneous in the classroom

  • How to be regarded as useful and valuable to your new school

  • Being the consummate professional

  • How to be confident in your teaching position and tips on how to instill confidence in your students

  • Discovering and developing your mission and purpose as an international ESL professional

This manual can help you sail the smooth seas of ESL teaching abroad. Even if you aren't currently teaching ESL overseas you will find most of the ideas in this manual still very useful.

Right now you can get the ebook free but I'm not sure if or how long I will continue to offer it for free. So now's the time to get it.

Spread it around, share it with friends. Got any suggestions or comments I'd love to hear them.

Much success to you. I wish for you the very best.

Happy reading!


Richard Bienvenu - Signature

Richard Bienvenu
New Orleans, LA

Teach Abroad Survival 23 Hot Tips For Your Teaching Success - ebook