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Select English Teaching Resources to Help You Be More Successful

One thing that's great about being an ESL teacher is that there is never a lack for English teaching resources. There is probably more available to you for teaching materials and teaching ideas than any other subject.

Of course there are the official and ubiquitous grammar, vocabulary and idiom books. But beyond that you have the whole realm of written articles in hundreds of magazines, essays, reviews, literature, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photographs, word games, and children's books.

Below is a list of some excellent English teaching resources many of which are referenced elsewhere on the site. If you see anything missing that you'd like to add or if you have a product relevant to English teaching this please contact me.

For becoming and improving your skills as an English teacher
Here are highly recommended ebooks and sites that are geared toward you who are starting out as an ESL teacher as well as you who are already experienced and want to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. All of these English teaching resources apply to the beginner and advanced teacher alike.

How to Teach in Japan Handbook
Even if you aren't going to Japan this is still a valuable ebook because it talks about issues that affect any ESL teacher anywhere. Plus it gives you some great ideas about how you can generate a very, very nice income. Read about the guy who makes six figures teaching privately...in coffee shops.

Teach Abroad Survival: 23 Hot Tips for Your Teaching Success

This is the ebook I wrote last year 2005 at the request of Craig who wrote the How to Teach in Japan Handbook. It covers topics from how to deal with students and schools to how to stay healthy as an ESL teacher.

Even if you aren't teaching abroad this is still a great resource and reference book to have in your library. Right now you can get it for free if you sign up for my ESL Teacher Tips Monthly. Get it now because I plan on revamping it later this year 2006 and having it for sale.

Becoming an English Tutor
Want to have a lucrative business with no boss and flexible hours? If you’ve always wanted to try tutoring English to English as a Second Language (ESL) students, now’s your chance. This ebook's got everything you need to know to set up your own English Language Conversation tutoring business in your own area. Without having to travel overseas!

ESL Trainer
Be an English as a Second Language personal trainer! This ebook covers all you need to know from the initial interview with the prospective student, to recommended web sites and teaching materials. From lesson planning and gearing the lesson to your student's personal needs to tips on how to get your student to converse.

Also, provides instruction on how to start your own business as an English language personal trainer. If you are thinking of changing careers to English teaching or you already teach ESL and want to start doing freelance work this is another excellent ebook for you.

Rediscover the Joy of Learning

Don A. Blackerby, Ph. D. is a well-known practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). His books and CDs will help teachers utilize effective classroom strategies to stay in control of the class and to get their students learning at a rapid rate. Learning these skills contributes to making your teaching job easier and more rewarding.

For getting TESL/TEFL certified and landing a great job teaching English

ICAL TESL/TEFL Certification
English teaching is becoming more and more a competive field. Fortunately there is a dearth of excellent jobs for you all over the world. Sometimes just being a natvie speaker is qualification enough.

But more and more schools around the world are requiring certification. ICAL is the oldest school for getting your certification training online. And they are widely respected. Cost is very reasonable and you can study at your own pace.

Amazing Cover Letters
The professional looking resume is an important requirement for landing a great job. But did you know that a perfectly-written cover letter is actually more important to your job search than the resume!

Understand this: A well-written cover letter can literally flood your calendar with more quality job interviews even when you lack experience or have a weak resume.

This is good news for the English teacher just starting out. If you are an experienced teacher...well even better. A good cover letter will put you way ahead of most people applying for that primo ESL teacher gig domestically or abroad.

For easy English lesson planning

English to Go
Want an easy shot at lesson planning? What if someone did the planning for you using fascinating current events? That's what English to Go does. You pay a small membership fee and get ESL lessons daily if you want. Easy, stress-free ESL lesson planning. Easy... is good.

English English English!
Although this program is geared toward the ESL student the ESL teacher would benefit from it as well. You could use it as an adjunct to your other materials. It's put together by Caroline Brown who has had twenty years experience as an ESL teacher and has come up with her own unique ways of teaching English that could prove to be very helpful and invaluable to you.

For traveling overseas and sprucing up your school or home.

As a teacher you'll need a nice looking professional soft brief case. Carrying your English teaching materials in a plastic shopping bag just won't cut it. Also, if you are going overseas get yourself a soft suitcase that's light, sturdy and functional. And maybe an additional backpack for day or overnight trips away from your host city. eBags is a great resource for any kind of bag you might need.

English Teaching Travel Posters
Great for sprucing up your ESL classroom or your home. Also having a display of places you want to go is a great first step in actually having your dreams come true! Who says you can't go teach English in Paris or Rome? Get a couple posters, put 'em on your wall and start dreaming. Then start a plan to make it happen!

More English Teaching Resources by Categories

Volunteer ESL Teaching Positions

Marketing Ideas for the ESL Teacher

Financial Resources for the ESL Teacher

Self-improvement Resources for the ESL Teacher

ESL Games

There is an infinite variety of English teaching resources all around you. It is only limited by your imagination.

Of course, you can cruise the Internet, walk through your local bookstore, go to Barnes and Noble if you have one in your town.

Also it's really good to talk to other teachers especially those who teach English. Those who have been teaching English for a while should have a wealth of information about what works and what doesn't. Even if you are experienced at teaching English it's good to talk with other teachers to compare notes and get other ideas.

I know that sometimes I get stuck about a particular student, maybe she's learning too slow or gets bored really easily. Some people just have a knack for languages and pick it up really quickly. For other people it's like pulling teeth.

So being able to ask other ESL teachers for advice and an insight into their own experience is one of the most valuable English teaching resources around.