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Marketing Ideas for the ESLTeacher

Business Cards
As an ESL teacher you need to get the message out. You can get a set of 250 free business cards with all your information on it, just pay a few bucks for shipping.

Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson
This is a great book that will instruct you on how to market your services using free or near free resources to get your message out about being a private ESL teacher. If you go to his website you can sign up for a free newsletter.

To see a list of what Guerilla Marketers do with business cards Click Here

Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez
Are you a searchlight or a lighthouse?With this book find out who your perfect ESL students are and how you can go about attracting them to you. You can also use the techniques to attract perfect partners, relationships and friends.
Check out their website: perfectcustomers.com


It's a good idea to set up a website if you're trying to get a job with a school teaching ESL or if you want to teach privately. This will help give you some credibility.

All you need is one page with a good picture and your resume and some basic info. I don't think it's necessary to put together a whole site. Through this company you can get a domain name and build a page right there on their site. It's a good bargain.

If you know how to setup a website you can get your domain at this site for very little money and they'll host the site for you. I use this service because it's based in New Orleans (my home) and it's very good.

ESL Teacher Sample Flyer
Feel free to copy and paste this to your Word program and add your vital information. Bring it to a copy shop and have them print it on goldenrod paper. Word is that the color goldenrod has a beneficial psychological effect on the viewer and they'll remember the flyer.

You can pick up a ream of this at Office Max and save some money. (By the way, did you know that you can email a job to Kinko's? Just go to Kinkos.com and set up an account with them and follow the tutorial.)

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