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ESL Teacher -- Giving Back and Helping Others

Here are two ways to pay it forward that I want to share with you. These are not nebulous, faceless organizations. The great thing about them is you know exactly where your money goes and to whom.

Children International

For the past twenty years I have been taking care of two kids at a time through Children International. The photos you see are the two I am currently taking care of. Their names are Jhunnie (Phillipines) and Jose (Dominican Republic).

The small amount of money I send to them each month makes a tremendous difference in their lives. They get a better education and improved health care. I correspond with them. I give them words of encouragement and they send me pictures they have drawn and tell me of their lives and families.

Your small gift offers health, happiness and hope to one impoverished child and his family. Many of these sponsored children go on to college and go back into their communties to help friends and families in need.

Won't you consider sponsoring a child today? Go the the Children International website today to find out more.

Kiva -- Loans That Change Lives

This company coordinates micro-loans which encourages entrepreneurship and business activity to poverty stricken areas around the world. The majority of the loans are made to women.

Kiva helps you become a partner with a busines in a far-flung corner of the world. We're talking a minimum of $25. The loans are not big -- about $300 to $1200. But that little amount can make a big difference. This is not charity but a partnership. You get to choose the business you want to partner with. And most of the loans usually get paid back.

I get kind of choked up when I think what a tremendous impact this has on people's lives. I made my first micro-loan, on the day that I am writing this, to Francisca, a 69 year old widow with a little store. The total loan amount she asked for was $300 for six months.

When I donated, the total amount received thus far came to $100 which included a previous loan by someone else. Twenty minutes after I made that loan I went to the site and saw that she had been completely funded! Wow!

Not only is this enriching and inspiring it's a lot of fun. For the price of a few coffees at Starbucks or a nice meal you could be a micro-lender and get to really be the bank for a change. Check it out. Kiva.org